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Guestbooks No pop ups, no ads, no banners, no clutter! We know that free guestbooks are never really free. They're paid for by their sponsoring ads. We know this because we used to be one of these free guestbook services! However, our members spoke to us and asked us for an ad-free guestbook...and we responded! Guestbook World is proud to be ad-free, pop-up free, and clutter-free!

Guestbooks Instant creation! We don't make you wait! Immediately upon payment, you are automatically taken to your registration page where you create your guest book instantly!

Guestbooks Complete Customization! We offer customization at your fingertips! Every guestbook comes with its own control panel where you can choose options including font colors and sizes, text field names, include/exclude options for many features, add logo, full header/footer control, resizing abilities for seamless integration into your site, required/optional fields, hex colors for perfect matching to your site, email notification, block users, reply to entries, export options for saving your entries, and many more features!

Guestbooks SpamGuard! We've added a spamguard photo box to all sign in pages to keep spammers OUT! In addition, we give you the option to block any IP addresses or email addresses you choose...right from your Control Panel!

Guestbooks Approve Entries BEFORE they Post! Still have problems with spam? We allow you the option to approve entries before they post!

Guestbooks We offer a professional looks and dependability! Go ahead look around! We are confident in the quality, reliability, and functionality of our guestbooks...and they look great, too! View our demo and try it out!

Guestbooks Our committment to customer satisfaction! We listen to you! We respond to 99% of all emails within 24 hours!

Brand New
3.0 Version!

What's in
version 3.0?
  • Instant Creation!
  • Hex Color Options for Perfect Matching to Your Site
  • Add Your Logo
  • Full Header/Footer HTML Control
  • Export Entries for Saving
  • Name the text fields
  • Include/Exclude Options
  • Required/Optional Fields
  • Size Your Guestbook
  • Email Notification
  • Block Users and IP's
  • Reply to Entries
  • Faster Server Time
  • Manual or Auto Approve Entries
  • Apostrophe Bugs Fixed
  • SpamGuard
  • NO ADS
What our customers are saying...
"Love the new version of the guestbook!
- Lenny, WV
"Thanks for a super easy way to install a guestbook on my site."
- Jared, TX

"My guestbook is by far my best advertising tool!"
- Terry, NC


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