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We know that free guestbooks are never really free. They're paid for by their sponsoring ads. We know this because we used to be one of these free guestbook services!

However, our members spoke to us and asked us for an ad-free guestbook...and we responded! Guestbook World is proud to be ad-free, pop-up free, and clutter-free!


We've added a spamguard photo box to all sign in pages to keep spammers OUT! In addition, we give you the option to block any IP addresses or email addresses you choose...right from your Control Panel!

Approve Entries BEFORE they Post!

Still have problems with spam? Guestbook world allows you to approve or trash any entry's on your guestbook!

So your page will always be safe from spammy content that will destroy you website ranks


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After purchasing a guestbook, we'll automatically send you an email with a link to our Terms of Service. Check your junkmail folder if you don't get it!.

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